Friday, March 25, 2005

Florida was HOT...

...if you know what I mean!!

Definitely one of the more beautiful places I've ever been to (not that I've been to a lot). Yeah, this definitely ranks up there. Palm tress lining the street everywhere, beautiful beaches and great weather (except for the one day when it rained!) .

Looking Cool in Miami

Among the places we visited, the Miami Beach area was my favorite(duh!)! Didn't spend too much time there though, which was a pity!! Reason: My friends and I had to sit through a stupid timeshare presentation as part of our hotel package and by the time we got out of there and fought the traffic all the way to Miami, it was 5 pm. Lots of people were leaving but there were still a lot of pretty sights IYKWIM ;)

Great night clubs there. One guy we met in Orlando (before we went to Miami) said they literally party all year long! Turns out he once went there on a Tuesday night and people were partying!

Funny incident: As we were walking along a row of really hip clubs, we noticed a road sign that said "School Zone"! Man, I wish I went to that school!

And the cars people drive there. I was surrounded by Mercedes convertibles, Hummers, name it! I felt little driving my rented Chevy Malibu!

Great Fun!

Before Miami, it was Orlando. There we went to the Universal theme parks named Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. Really amazing rides! They also have this funky thing where they have a high speed camera take your picture as you are going on a roller coaster! Bought a key chain with a picture of me and my buddies going down the Hulk, supposedly the scariest roller coaster there! Personally, I felt that another roller coaster, "The Dueling Dragons" was much cooler. Reason I'm mentioning the names: If anyone's headed that way, don't miss either!

By the way: IYKWIM - If you know what I mean


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