Thursday, March 31, 2005

General Ramblings

Just thought I'd type something up as I wait for a program to run (Research stuff). Looking forward to seeing Sin City, hopefully this weekend. Visually, the movie looks amazing, going by the trailers and the initial reviews have been promising too! Can't wait! Check out the picture on the left...<wolf whistle>

Have been reading a lot of books lately too! Currently reading The Rule of Four, sort of a Da Vinci code style code-breaking involving a 15th century book. Supposed to be written better than Da Vinci. Its set in Princeton University and invokes a lot of Princeton locations and traditions in the first few chapters I've read so far. (And tell you what, going by the book, Princeton seems to be an amazing place to be in. They have a lot of interesting traditions, not least of which is The Nude Olympics!! Need I say more?)

Also have Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke on hold in the local library. This one would fall under the genre of fantasy. Read the premise here from Sounds very interesting!


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