Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Music to fly by

The teaser trailer for Superman Returns


When Bryan Singer, director of The Usual Suspects and the two X-Men movies, decided to quite working on X-Men 3 to take over Superman Returns, I was both disappointed and excited; disappointment because X-Men and X2 were the best and most fun superhero movies I'd seen (until Batman Begins) and excited because I could imagine what a wonderful Superman he could weave!

Well, both my opposing emotions turned out to prescient; Brett "Rush Hour" Ratner has taken over X3 and has already caused much angst among the comic book's fans by allegedly tinkering with the script and at one point considering his girlfriend Serena Williams (Yes, that Serena Williams) to play the part of a mutant hooker (I kid you not)!

Bryan Singer, meanwhile, went on and cast a relative unknown actor, Brandon Routh, to play the Man Of Steel, with Kate Bosworth and good ol' Kevin Spacey playing Lois Lane and Lex Luthor, respectively. He has maintained a video-blog of his progress on Superman Returns at , releasing itsy-bitsy clips of the movie periodically (Check them out, they are quite interesting). So excited were the public that a rabid fan, impatient for a trailer, went ahead and made his own trailer based on the clips from the blog (And that one was freakin' awesome, by the way. It apparently fooled a British magaizine!).

Finally, late last week, Singer relented and released an official teaser trailer that can be seen here or here. The thing about this trailer that instantly hits you is the music! Man, what music! I must have seen the trailer at least a dozen times and haven't been able to get that score out of my head! Along with that, there is a fascinating voice over by the late Marlon Brando (Archival footage was used apparently, though I'm not sure how it worked). Brando's crisp delivery of the uplifting dialogue (about the "good in man" or something like that) is synced perfectly with the music to create a transcendental auditory experience. Even though the visuals are nothing to write home about, this is one Superman (trailer) that really makes me want to leap of the tallest building and, hopefully, fly!


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