Thursday, January 05, 2006

Jon Stewart hosting the Oscars?!

Woh! The LA Times reports that everyone's favorite fake news anchor, the smartest funny man or the funniest smart man on television, Jon Stewart, is going to be hosting the Oscars in 2006! Does this mean that the Academy is finally getting its act together? Who knows, they might actually end up awarding Oscars to deserving performances this time around! Now, that would be something!

For a memorable Jon Stewart performance, watch how he takes down the obnoxious host of the ex-CNN show Crossfire here. That show was cancelled shortly after this and the points that Stewart makes during his appearance here were reportedly an important factor in that decision!

And here is the link to The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Comedy Central. These folks are kind enough to put up clips from each show online. Bravo!


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