Thursday, March 31, 2005


Just wanted to get that on record!

"I hate UNIX and anything that runs in UNIX!!"

So there...

UNIX is supposed to be stable right? Isn't that the main reason all the computer geeks out there use it (with smug looks that say "I'm a UNIX whiz and you are not")? Well, this UNIX program froze on me a couple of times today and, get this, I had to terminate and restart UNIX!!! I swear I'm not making this up.

So, above and beyond the mind-numbing complexity of a UNIX-based program and its stubborn user non-friendliness, I also have to put with it crashing like a Windows program!!! That's a great operating system! Thanks fellas!!


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General Ramblings

Just thought I'd type something up as I wait for a program to run (Research stuff). Looking forward to seeing Sin City, hopefully this weekend. Visually, the movie looks amazing, going by the trailers and the initial reviews have been promising too! Can't wait! Check out the picture on the left...<wolf whistle>

Have been reading a lot of books lately too! Currently reading The Rule of Four, sort of a Da Vinci code style code-breaking involving a 15th century book. Supposed to be written better than Da Vinci. Its set in Princeton University and invokes a lot of Princeton locations and traditions in the first few chapters I've read so far. (And tell you what, going by the book, Princeton seems to be an amazing place to be in. They have a lot of interesting traditions, not least of which is The Nude Olympics!! Need I say more?)

Also have Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke on hold in the local library. This one would fall under the genre of fantasy. Read the premise here from Sounds very interesting!


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Friday, March 25, 2005

Florida was HOT...

...if you know what I mean!!

Definitely one of the more beautiful places I've ever been to (not that I've been to a lot). Yeah, this definitely ranks up there. Palm tress lining the street everywhere, beautiful beaches and great weather (except for the one day when it rained!) .

Looking Cool in Miami

Among the places we visited, the Miami Beach area was my favorite(duh!)! Didn't spend too much time there though, which was a pity!! Reason: My friends and I had to sit through a stupid timeshare presentation as part of our hotel package and by the time we got out of there and fought the traffic all the way to Miami, it was 5 pm. Lots of people were leaving but there were still a lot of pretty sights IYKWIM ;)

Great night clubs there. One guy we met in Orlando (before we went to Miami) said they literally party all year long! Turns out he once went there on a Tuesday night and people were partying!

Funny incident: As we were walking along a row of really hip clubs, we noticed a road sign that said "School Zone"! Man, I wish I went to that school!

And the cars people drive there. I was surrounded by Mercedes convertibles, Hummers, name it! I felt little driving my rented Chevy Malibu!

Great Fun!

Before Miami, it was Orlando. There we went to the Universal theme parks named Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. Really amazing rides! They also have this funky thing where they have a high speed camera take your picture as you are going on a roller coaster! Bought a key chain with a picture of me and my buddies going down the Hulk, supposedly the scariest roller coaster there! Personally, I felt that another roller coaster, "The Dueling Dragons" was much cooler. Reason I'm mentioning the names: If anyone's headed that way, don't miss either!

By the way: IYKWIM - If you know what I mean


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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Warm weather, here I come!!!

That's right! I'm going to Florida, y'all!!! For Spring break (yoo-hoo!)

The looooooooooooooong winter here (W Lafayette, Indiana) doesn't seem to want to leave, so I thought I'd leave instead! Flying to Orlando Wednesday evening. Planning to visit Universal Studios Theme park and/or Disneyworld!

From there its off to the beaches on Friday. And Saturday. And Sunday. My return flight leaves Sunday night though :(

But will I be on it? We'll find out next week!


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Friday, March 04, 2005

Nooooooooo Sania!

Just as you thought, "Hmm, there may be something to this girl after all!", she goes and out does something like this. After defeating US Open champ Svetlana Kuznetsova in the fourth round of the Dubai Open, Sania Mirza goes out and loses to Jelena Jankovic from Serbia in the very next round! In straight sets! In 48 minutes! The sad details are at:

But of course, I'm being unfair. What Sania has achieved so far is pretty exceptional given India's bare tennis trophy cases (actually just trophy cases if you think about it)! So, well done Sania! We're rooting for you


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Dumb, Stupid, Boring OSCARS!!!

Million Dollar Baby was the best movie of the year? Are you kidding me? Ok, to be fair I haven't seen MDB but I know what it's all about (I read all the plot spoilers...) and honestly I don't see how it could have possibly topped The Aviator. Makes you lose what little respect you had for the Oscars, if any! (And Martin Scorsese losing out again? I really don't want to talk about it!)

The new Oscar format wasn't all that great either. Getting the contestants to come on to the stage made it awkward for those who didn't win the award. Other time saving efforts were pretty terrible as well. You know when the band begins to play to signal that time is up for the award winners to make their speeches, I hated that, I've always hated that! It's really disgraceful when you are supposedly rewarding people for doing something exceptional and then you go ahead and expect them to summarise their feelings within 30 seconds! Really smacks of hypocrisy!

Coming to Chris Rock. I thought his opening monologue was quite funny but it all went downhill after that. I don't think he was given enough time to get into his groove and I also got the impression that he had more material written but wasn't able to perform them because of...time constraints! (My funniest moment of the evening was Robin WIlliams doing an impression of Jack Nicholson as Bugs Bunny!)

The Oscars this time were booooooooring mainly because, as many people have pointed out, there wasn't this one big movie to root for. I also think the songs nominated this time were pretty ordinary, the only performance I listened to was Counting Crows' "Accidently in love" from Shrek 2. Speaking of which, it was a pity that Shrek 2 lost out to The Incredibles in the Best Animated Film category not because Incredibles wasn't the better of the two (It was also nominated for Best Original Screenplay and won for Best Sound Editing !), but because Shrek 2 was such a terrific movie! Hmm, if only the other categories had such competition.

The winners themselves: Aviator won most of the tech awards which was expected. The acting awards, well, I was rooting for Thomas Haden Church to win Best Supporting Actor for Sideways and Virginia Madsen for Supporting Actress (she positively glowed in the movie!). But alas, the awards went to the "popular" choices! Best Actor, Best Actress, I guess everyone knew who was going to win those. For Foreign Film, from what I'd read, I felt that Downfall from Germany, chronicling Hitler's final days in a bunker could pull off a surprise. It didn't of course! This was not the Oscar of surprises, of disappointment mainly!


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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Woh, Sania!

Well, for those who thought Sania Mirza was a one-shot wonder (including moi), here's something to knock your brains out. She beat US Open champion Svetlana Kuznetsova (she of the non-existant serve) in the fourth round of the Dubai Open! Pretty kewl!! Check out the details in this link:


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