Tuesday, May 31, 2005

More movies and more summer plans!

My IMDB adventure continued last week with three more top 250 films: Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window, a 2002 Brazilian film, City Of God and a golden oldie, Some Like It Hot (which coincidentally came on cable just a week or so after Samanth recommended it to me).

But, let's talk about
City Of God...What a brilliant movie! It deals with life in a impoverished Brazilian city which gives the movie its name (Cidade de Deus is the original Portugese title). This is a city where little kids, let alone teenagers, are the gangsters and the drug dealers, quintessential "boys with toys". The story is narrated by this one kid who wants to break away and become a photgrapher. How he does that is told in a very matter-of-fact way with a lot of shocking moments which almost pass us by because no one in the movie seems to react to it! There is also a lot of humour in this tale and it ends up being very touching without seemingly ever trying to be.

By the way, check out the trivia section for this movie at IMDB. Lot of clever bits!

Rear Window made me realize that I haven't watched too may Hitchcock movies! That'll change soon...

Finally, saw Mumbai Express (had been lying untouched in my computer for more than a month). Entertaining first half and I thought Nasser was briliiant in the otherwise sucky second half!

As this summer (vacation) chugs along, I have added a couple more things to my "To Do" list. One is Mr. and Mrs. Smith, for which the trailers look seriously slick. The second one, rather obvious, is Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Here's
counting down to the witching hour!


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