Tuesday, April 19, 2005

And the award for most convoluted sentence goes to...

Very funny article I came across on the BBC website last week! This was about a contest for the most nonsensically worded sentences people had the misfortune of coming across over the years! My favorite was a warning message on a computer screen:

"Do not press NO if you do not wish to continue".

Can you imagine seeing that on your monitor? This had me in splits for a while after which I resolved I'd figure this out. Let's see: If you press NO, you WILL continue. I imagined I was running the installation for some program and after entering some of the information, I change my mind and click 'Exit'. The following dialog box comes up with YES and NO buttons:

"Are you sure you want to exit? Do not press NO if you do not wish to continue"

Make sense? As you can see, I have waaaaay too much free time! Anyway check out the complete story at:



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