Saturday, May 14, 2005

Have been out of it for a while now!

Well, my exams got over a week or so back, and I really haven't felt up to major blogging since. Saw quite a few good movies though. I'm trying to work my way down IMDB's top 250 films list. Recently saw Goodfellas, Citizen Kane, 12 Angry Men, Life of Brian, The Sting... Wow! A lot of great movies. Really difficult to see anything as innovative as those nowadays.

Quite a lot of movies now also seem to be suffering from what I like to call 'The-Sixth-Sense-Syndrome', you know, the ones where they try to blow us away with a surprise ending. What these movies fail to realize is how careful they have to be with the script to pull off something like that. See the 'Sixth Sense' DVD people! There's a 'special features ' segment in that one where the crew explain how painstakingly careful they were while filming to make sure there are no plot holes. And of course, they also put in these little clues which most people would look for only in a second viewing! My favorite one among them is, I think, something most people know: the chairs don't move whenever Bruce Willis sits on one of them (for instance, when he's in the restaurant with his wife). Really smart stuff!!

Anyway, the reason I got reminded is because of this movie Narc I saw just a couple of days back. This is one of those rivetting cop thrillers shot with dark and greyish filters to let us know that it's a serious movie, dammmit!!! And then comes the ending. Don't want to spoil it, but it was soooooo unnecessary and undermined the whole plot.


Anonymous sumant said...

Awesome! should get around to watching some of these movies that you have mentioned.Till now just been working myself up on barrage of tamil new movies and needless to say everything is just as mediocre as the previous.So you get all ur stuff on dvd from the rental shops or ur library.?If thats ur univ library then they seriously do have a pretty good collection.

12:09 AM  
Blogger Santosh Sankar said...

Yup! I know what you mean about new tamil movies...but I hear 'Aniyan' is expected to be good and its directed by SHankar, so it can't be bad!!

And btw, all these DVDs are actually from the local city and county libraries, not the university and they definitely have a great collection. And best part is, they're all freee!

7:50 AM  

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